Weather and Climate

Role of Weather and Climate: It is important to understand how weather and climate impacts various industries in order to be able to better plan for the future. The Earth’s atmosphere is the thin layer of gases that surrounds the planet, and it has gone through many changes. These changes are driven by factors like… Continue reading Weather and Climate

Studying in Abroad

Benefits of studying in abroad Students should have an understanding of the commitment and challenges they will be taking on before going abroad. For example, they will be giving up their social life, academic opportunities and eventually their health. But for international students that are determined to study outside of their home country, there are… Continue reading Studying in Abroad

The Ocean

The Ocean The ocean is a major component of the Earth’s life support system, driving water, air, and nutrient circulation; regulating temperature; controlling surface weather and climate patterns; absorbing carbon dioxide from atmosphere. The ocean includes both salt water and fresh water. The salinity of an ocean varies with the amount of dissolved salts in… Continue reading The Ocean

Jobs and Business

Jobs and Business AI will not be taking over jobs in the near future. In the long-term, AI will become more and more of a player in the workplace. They will take over tasks that are time-consuming and tedious for humans to do, freeing up humans to focus on tasks that require creativity and human… Continue reading Jobs and Business

Exercise and Yoga

Difference between Exercise and Yoga Exercise and Yoga have a lot in common. They both help people to relieve the mental tension, stress, and anxiety. They are both known for their ability to reduce pain and relieve chronic physical conditions. Both exercises have been part of human life since ancient times. However, it was only… Continue reading Exercise and Yoga

Cultures Around the World

Culture is a very important aspect of a society. In the article, “Cultures around the world” by Joanna Borns and Caroline J. Linton, they discussed how culture impacts people’s lives in different ways. They also explained how we can learn from other cultures to better understand their values and beliefs. As a result of globalization,… Continue reading Cultures Around the World

Green Environment

Green Environment Facts In order to be environmentally responsible, we should focus on the natural environment, the built environment, and human behavior. We can make our homes and offices greener by using sustainable building materials and turning off electrical appliances when not in use. We can also reduce our food shopping by buying less groceries… Continue reading Green Environment

Natures and Its Benefits

Most important things about natures Nature is a force that can be both calming and exciting. Nature has been around for millennia and it’s as vital today as it was back then. However, with the growing population and urbanization across the world, nature has come to mean something different to people. It is less about… Continue reading Natures and Its Benefits