Cultures Around the World

Culture is a very important aspect of a society. In the article, “Cultures around the world” by Joanna Borns and Caroline J. Linton, they discussed how culture impacts people’s lives in different ways. They also explained how we can learn from other cultures to better understand their values and beliefs. As a result of globalization,… Continue reading Cultures Around the World

Green Environment

Green Environment Facts In order to be environmentally responsible, we should focus on the natural environment, the built environment, and human behavior. We can make our homes and offices greener by using sustainable building materials and turning off electrical appliances when not in use. We can also reduce our food shopping by buying less groceries… Continue reading Green Environment

Natures and Its Benefits

Most important things about natures Nature is a force that can be both calming and exciting. Nature has been around for millennia and it’s as vital today as it was back then. However, with the growing population and urbanization across the world, nature has come to mean something different to people. It is less about… Continue reading Natures and Its Benefits

Sports and Players

Importance of Sports and Players In this article, I will be defining what sports are and the history behind them. I will also be discussing the place that players have in our society and how they affect us as well as how we affect them. When it comes to basketball, there are many different teams… Continue reading Sports and Players

Labor Committee

How Labor Committee works? The labor committee works closely with the executive board to ensure that all members are doing what they should be and are working to the fullest of their abilities. They don’t want anyone to go hungry or without a job! The committee also manages all of the financial records for the… Continue reading Labor Committee

Organic Living and Clothing

Organic living is a lifestyle that focuses on consuming organic produce, avoiding synthetic food additives, and limiting your exposure to toxics. Why do you think there is a need for organic living?The first reason why people are choosing to go organic is because they believe it’s better for our bodies. Organic produce has less pesticides… Continue reading Organic Living and Clothing

Invisalign Treatments

The Invisalign treatment is designed to straighten the teeth without the use of traditional braces. The Invisalign treatment is designed to straighten the teeth without the use of traditional braces. This orthodontic treatment was created by Dr. David M. Ludlow, a dentist in Virginia, and his colleagues in 1997 and was FDA-approved for widespread use… Continue reading Invisalign Treatments