Covid 19 Pandemic Effects

Covid 19 is a virus that has spread quickly throughout the world. It can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, or contact with bodily fluids. The virus has killed over 5 million people and infected tens of millions more.

The virus made its way onto planes and quickly spread through flights. One of the most affected airports was JFK Airport in New York City. It made international headlines after an infected traveler got on board an international flight, spreading Covid 19 to other travelers on the flight as well as passengers on waiting flights who came into contact with them.

This posed a major risk for airlines because they could not stop passengers from getting on their airplanes, which were then exposed to the infection and then exposed other people on board their flight. This led to major chaos in airports.

The Civilian population is the most affected by pandemic diseases. The risk of infection is higher in lower socioeconomic classes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the average life expectancy during a pandemic is about 2-3 months. However, this number varies with the severity of the disease and can be anywhere from 1-6 weeks or even more than 2 years.

Civilian populations are more vulnerable to pandemic disease than military populations because they are often less likely to have access to health care facilities and protections against infection, such as vaccines and masks. This means that they will be more likely to receive severe symptoms than military members who are on duty.

Four years ago, the human population on earth had been reduced by half. The public refers to this event as Covid 19.

Covid 19 is an influenza pandemic that is believed to have originated in the Western Pacific. It was first reported by health authorities in Cambodia in October of 2020. Pandemics are caused by various factors such as mutation of an already existing virus and ecological changes such as global warming and drought. These factors result in a high transmission rate of the disease, which means that it spreads quickly through the population and has the potential to create a worldwide epidemic.

The virus spread from East Asia to Europe and Africa before finally reaching North America and South America in November of 2020. An estimated 1 billion people were killed because of Covid 19, with most deaths occurring.

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