Cultures Around the World

Culture is a very important aspect of a society. In the article, “Cultures around the world” by Joanna Borns and Caroline J. Linton, they discussed how culture impacts people’s lives in different ways. They also explained how we can learn from other cultures to better understand their values and beliefs. As a result of globalization, it becomes easier to connect with people from other cultures because countries are more open-minded about different cultures and languages.

What is culture?

Culture involves the customs, traditions, values, etc., that are particular to various groups or societies. Cultures have been developed through generations of trial and error by considering what has worked well among past generations as well as what will work in the future.

There are many cultures around the world. The culture is a combination of the norms, values, and beliefs which are shared by the people who live there.

In order to understand a culture, it’s important to be open minded and find out about other cultures from various sources like books and social media.

Currently, there are about six billion people in the world that speak more than 7000 languages.

There is a wide range of cultures in the world and these come from the geographical, historical, and social differences among nations.

The world is a big place with a lot to offer. The diversity of people and their cultures can be easily observed across different geographic regions. However, this diversity is decreasing because of globalization which has helped create an interconnected world but has also caused some social problems such as cultural identity loss or lack of language proficiency.

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